Fugen Head Office

This project involved the full refurbishment of an existing three level office building. All the building’s existing finishes and services were removed and upgraded with the latest technologies and current BCA requirements.

A lift was retrofitted and an extension was added to the structure for new toilets and kitchens. The existing street front façade was removed and replaced with an integrated curtain wall of terracade tiles, face bricks, high thermal glazing and large vertical sunshade louvers.

Many of the refurbishment design issues were solved in-house with cost effective solutions. The end result saw the creation of a fully functioning work environment in a modern and aesthetically appealing building.

Level 1, 9-13 Underwood Avenue,
Botany NSW 2019

PO Box 659 Botany
NSW 1455 Australia

Phone: + 61 2 9289 3700
Fax: + 61 2 9289 3730

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