Yaffa Media Rooftop

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Yaffa Media is one of Australia’s largest independent media companies. They used Fugen experience and KNOW HOW to convert a level 5 concrete courtyard into a modern and functional high-rise entertainment area with an outdoor kitchen, BBQ, new timber decking, masonry planter boxes, operable pergola and a ground floor refurbishment, including a bike enclosure.

CHALLENGES: Being on level 5 of a fully occupied and operational building with low voltage power lines just 1.5 metres away required expert handling of materials including structural steel and a highly detailed logistics plan. Yaffa Media consists of 27 consumer and business-to-business media brands. Construction works could not impede on daily operations.

SOLUTION: Through good communication and by offering up design modifications including changing the landing from timber to concrete ensured compliance with accessibility. Plus, introducing a secondary waterproof membrane to avoid water ponding under the new timber decking ensured project success. Best of all the building remained fully operational with minimal disruption to tenants.

OVERALL OUTCOME: At project completion Yaffa Media could not have been any more pleased with their newly constructed entertainment roof top terrace and most importantly the client received no complaints from occupants of the building.

Project Overview