St Joseph’s College Chapel

February 7, 2017

St Joseph’s College Chapel

The refurbishment of The St Joseph’s Collage, heritage-listed chapel involved working for eight months at the collage during the school term. With 1000-plus pupils, it was important to the college that the day-to-day activities of the students were not interrupted by our workers.

This involved ensuring any works that may have impacted on the students movements was carried out before and after school hours – or as sensitively as possible. We also maintained a clean working site during the restoration that didn’t compromise the health and safety of students, boarders and teachers.

Before the heritage chapel refurbishment could begin, Fugen had to treat and remove all lead paint build up and level the existing Altar floor, and carefully navigate 110 tonnes of scaffolding through two small chapel windows.

To keep in line with heritage standards, refurbishing the semicircular walls, columns and arches meant manipulating the design to the Altar area to match existing infrastructure, and including plaster-moulding some sections.

Key to Fugen’s success in this project was our ability to communicate and coordinate with interstate and international services providers. Marble was sourced and manufactured overseas for the Altar, tabernacle stand and Baptismal font, while interstate contractors were used for the joinery works, Baptismal font works and lighting supply.

The Chapel roof space required electrical and fire services, including upgrading existing smoke and thermal detectors, installing a new VESDA system, plus permanent lights and a walkway.

Lastly, new timber flooring was laid in the Altar area, while existing flooring in the main section of the chapel was sanded and polished, rendering the refurbishment not only aesthetically pleasing, but gracefully harmonious and in keeping with a heritage chapel.


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