The Fugen Structure

Fugen is structured to deliver a focused and personalised service to its clients. The business has a flat structure, which aligns with each phase of the project procurement timeline as indicated below. The structure recognises that specialised skills are required in each of the 3 project phases.

Each phase is overseen very closely by Managing Director, Stephen Flannery, ensuring efficiency in decision making to achieve value for clients.

The Concept Phase is where Fugen can add the most value to a project and business. In this phase, specialised skills are utilised from the Construction Group to optimise solutions in the early stages of the project.

Procurement Timeline

Fugen Services

The range of services offered in each phase are listed below.

Concept Phase Tender or
Negotiation Phase
Construction and
Commissioning Phase
  • Project Management – Planning
  • Understanding our client’s business
  • Brief formulation
  • Design management/finalisation
  • Cost planning
  • Programming
  • Managing site based investigations
  • Formulating cost effective compliant solutions
  • Managing approvals processes
  • Managing Board/Financial approvals
  • Innovation to deliver value to our clients’ business
  • Value management
  • Selection of appropriate sub contractors
  • Finalisation of costs
  • Contract negotiations
  • Project Management – Construction
  • Collaboration with all stakeholders
  • Maintaining open lines of communication
  • Coordinating construction activities in operating environments
  • Minimising disruption
  • Design finalisation
  • Commissioning
  • Final approvals
  • Final occupation approvals