Trinity Grammar School Temporary Villages 2 and 3

Client: Trinity Grammar School
Value: $3.4M

Fugen was contracted to deliver the Trinity Grammar School Temporary Villages 2 and 3 Design and Construct project alongside Bloompark – Pact PM.

The temporary villages formed a crucial part of the Trinity Grammar Renewal Project’s enabling works, and included the design, construction, and commissioning of 11 temporary classrooms, staff room, male and female amenities, comms room, and an accessible ramp, all delivered in a live school environment.

During the initial design phase, Fugen worked closely with our consultants to engineer a solution that would enable the temporary village structure to remain in place permanently on the existing slab.

The completion of this project supports the school’s renewal Masterplan, ensuring Trinity Grammar can continue to offer best-in-class education through an expected increase in student enrolment starting this year.