What is KNOW HOW?

KNOW HOW is the combination of real experience and genuine expertise. Every builder says they know how to build. What makes Fugen different is our KNOW HOW – the approach we take to each job. We understand your business and we take the time to get to know exactly what you are looking to achieve. Communication is incredibly important to us, in fact, our MD is in direct contact with you, from tender to completion, so you can call him at any time.

At ground level, our team will work together with you to create a schedule that works for all, ensuring total transparency and responsiveness at all times. This approach means Fugen provide first class production, with minimal disruptions to day-to-day operations, ensuring your business is open at the same time.

With KNOW HOW, your business stays operational

Applying our KNOW HOW means understanding your business and working together from ground level to achieve our shared vision.

Our experience and expertise enables us to successfully undertake complex construction projects, in and around operational environments, whilst keeping the business open throughout construction. Our sector specific expertise, means we understand your industry and have established strategies to ensure a smooth construction processes.

Expertise is crucial but just as important is the working relationships we build along the way. We grow strong relationships with our clients, which is why they keep coming back. We also build loyalty and inclusive relationships with our contractors, which helps us deliver better results and makes sure we retain the best people in their field.

Benefits Across the Construction Process

PROBLEM SOLVING – When it comes to building issues, you can expect us to be innovative and proactive. We ensure our consultants and sub-contractors understand they an integral part of a high-performance team. This gets the best out of everyone on our projects.

ADDING VALUE – The best time to apply our KNOW HOW is early in the process. We can deliver innovative solutions to industry-specific issues and achieve the best results possible. We can help you plan for project success.

RISK MANAGEMENT – We work closely with client to ensure all stakeholders and suppliers are working together with full transparency. We do this because we believe risk is best managed when our goals are truly aligned.

COMMUNICATION – Constant communication is crucial. Our people know that nothing can be left to chance, so we rely on detailed documentation, routine face-to-face meetings and regular site walks to support our ‘no surprises’ approach, another of our benefits across the construction process.

How We Approach Business?

While KNOW HOW defines our approach to planning and work processes, there are other values that have always been at the very core of our business. These are the reasons why we are a successful construction business with clients who keep coming back.

FINANCIAL STABILITY – gives us the certainty we need to confidently grow our business and effectively service our clients. This same stability gives our clients and partners the confidence and peace of mind they need to do business with us.

RELIABILITY – means delivering on our promises and meeting expectations regarding ‘live’ operating environments, deadlines, costs and quality. We take a ‘no surprises’ approach to risk and problem solving and this is second nature to our project teams.

OUR PEOPLE – must have integrity. Technical excellence is a must but just as important is being co-operative and service-oriented by nature.

A COMPETITIVE PRICE – is a good foundation, but it’s never enough to win the job. We add value to our proposals by contributing buildability advice, improving delivery times and enabling ‘live’ operating environments to function at optimal levels while construction takes place.

QUALITY ASSURANCE – is built into every process. To consistently deliver high quality, we have developed an effective QA System which recognises problems before they occur. This process allows us to quickly generate a solution that will avoid time and cost implications for our clients, and us.